Managing during COVID-19 measures

Managing during COVID-19 measures

In these extraordinary and challenging times as the world navigates and responds to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we can assure you that you can continue to rely on the essential services provided by Onebill Telecom to keep your business connected and up and running.

The government has announced a range of measures to help businesses weather the storm. These measures are unprecedented in scale, available to everyone, and aimed at ensuring no business goes bankrupt because of this crisis. All details of the support available can be accessed here.

Getting in touch

We have amazing teams throughout Onebill Telecom that are here for you and remain committed to resolving any issues or queries you may have both quickly and efficiently. Our phone lines are live, and our service teams are all connected remotely – doing everything they can to support you.

However, we ask for your patience because they are currently dealing with extraordinarily high call volumes.

Our promise

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our high streets and the heroes of our economy. We will always do everything possible to deliver you the world class service you deserve. We promise to always respond to you without delay. And if anything's broken, we promise to fix it fast. Our team remains dedicated to keeping you up and running.

You make our lives better every day by baking our bread, cutting our hair, fixing our cars, pouring our pints and so much more. We think it's only right that we do our bit too. So, whatever we can do to ensure the continued smoothness of your services, we are committed to doing.

We will continue to deliver the highest quality of service without compromise in support of Britain's vibrant, independent businesses.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Can I divert my business phone to a mobile or landline number?

Yes. Onebill Telecom can set up this facility for you. To enable it, please give us a call. Once enabled, you can manage your own divert using the following codes.

Switch on divert to a number
*21* <phone number to divert to>#

Checking your diversions
* #21#

Switching off

How can I ensure I get the best out of my broadband connection and Wi-Fi?

Here's a short summary with a few things to check:

  • Use your master socket to connect your router
  • Locate your router in the open, and as 'centrally' as you can!
    • Radiators, pipes and metal objects can really affect your Wi-Fi!
  • Keep your router away from other electrical equipment if possible
  • Always leave your router switched on
  • Use an ethernet cable connection to the router for the best connectivity
  • Try not to have too many users and devices on the same connection

How can I access details of My Account?

Onebill Telecom's MyAccount service is the best place to see instant details about your account, and access information about your Onebill Telecom services. To access this, simply go to My Account and log in using your Onebill Telecom phone number or account number. If you've not yet registered to use the MyAccount service, you can do so here.

What are the changes to 101 call charges?

Due to the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic, we are making some important changes to charges associated with the non-emergency 101 service. As of 1st April, calls to 101 will be free of charge – just as calls to 111 and 105 already are. This is to alleviate pressure on 999 services.